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Classification Services

Ships and Marine Structures built and surveyed in accordance with the Rules of ISClass or with alternative arrangements equivalent to the Rules will be assigned a class in the Registration Master. All ships classed with ISClass are, for continuation of the classification, to be subjected to the following surveys, and are to be maintained in a good condition in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of ISClass.

Application for Survey

The Classification Survey is to be initiated on the basis of the Application made by Builder or Owner (including Charterer,Representatives of Owner, Representatives of Charterer and Master of the Ship)

Completion of Survey

The requested Survey are to be completed in accordance with relevant Rules of ISClass

Issuing Certificates & Report

After completion of Survey, relevant Certificates and reports are to be issued and forwarded to the applicants

Type of Survey

Special Survey
Intermediate Survey
Annual Survey
Docking Survey
Propeller Shaft Survey
Boiler Survey
Continuous Survey
Occasional Survey
Alteration or Conversion Survey

As a ship owner, how do you know that your newbuilding is being constructed in accordance with all the rules and regulations relevant to the vessel type?

As a competent and independent third party, we provide support to both shipowners and shipyards during all newbuilding phases. We not only aim to safeguard life, property and the environment – we also help to ensure that the vessel complies with all relevant rules and regulations.

Our experienced and competent surveyors examine those parts of the ship covered by statutory regulations and classification rules. They witness inspections and tests during new construction and sea trials. This is performed in order to obtain appropriate evidence that the vessel has been built in compliance with the rules and regulations, based on the respective approved drawings.

Our newbuilding surveys cover:
˃ Hull structures and structural outfittings
˃ Electrical systems and automation
˃ Piping systems, engines and generators, propulsion and steering systems
˃ Stability, load line and tonnage
˃ Fire-fighting systems and structural fire protection
˃ Environmental protection
˃ Cargo handling systems
Our newbuilding surveys aim to give you full support during the new construction of any type of vessel.

Rely on the expertise of our experienced and well-trained surveyors to support you during the construction of your newbuilding:
˃ Gain added confidence in your newbuilding project
˃ Maximise the performance of your vessels at an early stage with our holistic approach
˃ Avoid potentially costly modifications at a later stage thanks to our expert advice
> We provide you with reliable, expert support that you may need

After years of development, ISClass has established a network of classification survey and owns a team of well-experienced exclusive surveyors with high educational level. ISClass has set up professional team consisting of such surveyors covering major ports along China's coast and Branch/office in countries/regions in Asia and worldwide, gradually shaping up a global service network.

ISClass carries out class surveys and issues corresponding certificates strictly according to the quality system requirements to ensure that the entire service process is performed under controlled conditions and the survey quality is guaranteed. By such efforts, ISClass PSC detention record is greatly improved and ensures cost-effectiveness and sustainability for our clients.

To maintain the validity of the certificate, ISClass-classed ships are subject to surveys in accordance with the requirements of classification rules. These surveys mainly include special survey, intermediate survey, annual survey, docking survey, propeller shaft and stern tube shaft surveys, boiler survey, continuous survey, occasional survey, alteration or conversion survey, etc.
In the meantime, ships are subject to various statutory surveys according to applicable conventions and the flag State regulations

Occasional Surveys will be conducted due to damage, Port State Control interventions, implementation of new Regulations, Conversions or Repairs, and other isolated events.

Entry requirements
Applications for initial classification with ISClass of ships or other marine structures are to be made by the owners/managers or ships operators, by submitting the following NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of documentation, based on the type of ships / marine structures :
˃ Updated ship’s survey status including recommendations, if any.
˃ Updated Hull & Machinery master lists, if any
˃ Copies of existing class certificate
˃ Copies of existing statutory certificates
˃ Copies of ship’s registration documents issued by the flag Administration (i.e. Registry, Radio License, etc.)
˃ Main Class Plans (i.e. General Arrangement plan, mid ship section, etc.)
˃ Trim & Stability booklet
˃ Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement booklet

Ship’s plan approval is one of the major tasks to ensure that the ship design satisfies the requirements of the rules, conventions, regulations and the flag states. Plan approval is an important link in the ship survey chain, constituting the basis fountainhead of ship safety and the significant basis of field survey.

After many of years of plan approval work, ISClass plan approval department have accumulated abundant experience and a couple of experts in the fields of ship structure analysis, stability, machinery, shafting vibration, electric, etc., and continuously improved the technical means of plan approval. ISClass plan approval department have been maintaining a good cooperative relationship with shipping companies, shipyards and ship designers, and we will continue to serve our customers wholeheartedly in the future.

ISClass provides excellent plan approval level and service, focuses on mutual coordination and close cooperation with field survey.